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30ml | 87% Organic

brightening, nourishing, anti-ageing

Our luxurious face oil helps restore luminosity, regenerate dull skin and smooth fine lines, all while deeply nourishing your skin.  

The key active Backuchiol gives it a vibrant orange colour and is a natural non-irritating alternative to Retinol. 

Research has shown Bakuchiol to deliver visible improvements in wrinkle depth, elasticity, pigmentation and photo-damage, without the adverse effects on your skin. Plus, its high concentration of antioxidants helps reduce and prevent cell damage.

By blending healthy oils, native extracts and potent actives, our antioxidant face oil assists to reduce inflammation and signs of sun damage while also relieving dryness. 

Seabuckthorn fruit pulp oil delivers high amounts of Vitamins A, C, E and K. 

Antioxidant Face Oil

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