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Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a natural purified protein and are injected into wrinkle causing muscles that once relaxed, reduce dynamic lines and result in a softer, more youthful appearance. 

Treatment areas:

Forehead lines

Frown lines

Crow’s feet (both crow's feet = 1 area)

Mini areas ($50 added to any treatment)

Eyebrow lift

Bunny lines

Chin lines

1 X area $200

2 X areas $385

3 X areas $480

Under arms – Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) $690



The lips are a signature feature of the face and it is important to ensure that they are well balanced, symmetrical and in proportion.


Lip enhancements can add definition and volume resulting in fuller, softer and smoother lips.

Using prescription grade anaesthetic and premium dermal filler. Lip enhancement results are instant which means you are able to be involved during the procedure to ensure ideal shape and size.


Dermal fillers are derived from a natural gel and are used as a non-surgical treatment to rejuvenate the face by filling in fine lines or replacing depleted facial volume.


Dermal fillers stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation and are an effective way to re-volumise the face and add natural hydration.  

Treatment areas:


Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines

Upper lip lines

Lip borders

Lip volume 

Mouth corners


Dermal fillers




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