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We all know how personal a massage treatment is, wether your in dire need of me time or are recovering from an injury, massage therapy is something we want to leave to the experts.

Our highly trained therapists are here to tailor your treatment especially for each individual.

45min $95   -   60min $120   -   75min $145

Indulge in our personalised signature relaxation massage using Swedish massage techniques to relieve tension, improve circulation and increase mobility.

Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage inverloch


45min $100   -   60min $125   -   75min $150

Our relieve massage incorporates deeper pressure to relieve those aches and pains, better suited to those who prefer a stronger massage. Improve circulation & relieve tension

Hot Stone

45min $100   ~   60min $125   -   75min $150  -  90min $175

Using specialised heated basalt stones for a deeper relaxation incorporated with traditional massage techniques.

Hair & Scalp Treatment

15min $30

Include a hair and scalp treatment to any treatment or package, Includes our Organic Spa nourish oil to rejuvenate dull and dry hair & scalp and indulgent scalp massage.


45min $95   -   60min $120   -   75min $145


There is no better time to enjoy a massage than during pregnancy, particularly the later stages. Benefits include a reduction in swelling and anxiety, relief of muscle cramps and back pain, especially if you are experiencing sciatica. Soothing the nervous system as well as helping to ease insomnia.

We recommend regular massages during pregnancy.

Massage isn't recommended in the first trimester.

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